Thursday, March 17, 2022

Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood by Jana Bauer

Have you ever met a fairy that romps about, disturbs the peace, corrupts the young and swears? 

Watch out, here comes Scary Fairy!

 Banished by her grandmother after breaking one of her beloved china teacups, she decides to search for pastures new, landing at the whim of Southern Wind in Wicked Wood. Wicked Wood is only occasionally wicked, but full of delightful animals with strong characters. 

Living in Wicked Wood are motherly Owl, and thoughtful Bear, grumpy Hedgehog, highly-strung Squirrel, poetic Salamander and many others. 

The animals of Wicked Wood have no idea how dramatically the stubborn, brave and crafty Scary fairy will change their lives.

DIgital copy, 106 pages
Published April 19th, 2022
by Kind Word Publishing
3.5/5 stars

This was a digital read for me, on my tiny screen the illustrations were lovely so I imagine that a print copy would really nice.  The colors are subtle enough to showcase the characteristics of this forect critter group.

Given the title Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood sets the stage for a little bit of a darker story with some mean spirited animals.  The story progresses in chapter form with a variety of characters and events. It's perfect for a chapter a night bedtime story.  

Scary Fairy is a whimsical story, funny at times and also might appeal to an older audience because of

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