Monday, March 7, 2022

An Honest Lie by Tarryn Fisher

“I’m going to kill her. You’d better come if you want to save her.”

Lorraine—“Rainy”—lives at the top of Tiger Mountain. Remote, moody, cloistered in pine trees and fog, it’s a sanctuary, a new life. She can hide from the disturbing past she wants to forget.

If she’s allowed to.

When Rainy reluctantly agrees to a girls’ weekend in Vegas, she’s prepared for an exhausting parade of shots and slot machines. But after a wild night, her friend Braithe doesn’t come back to the hotel room.

And then Rainy gets the text message, sent from Braithe’s phone: someone has her. But Rainy is who they really want, and Rainy knows why.

What follows is a twisted, shocking journey on the knife-edge of life and death. If she wants to save Braithe—and herself—the only way is to step back into the past.

Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication date - April 26, 2022
by Graydon House
4/5 stars

An Honest Lie is a dual time period story that eventually weaves the timelines together.  She was Summer before she became Rainy and the transformation does draw on the heart strings.  The blurb doesn't relate what happens in the past for Rainy so I won't expound on that, suffice to say it was gripping, frustrating to witness and made this reader totally understand Rainy's desire to live far away from her past.

Present day, against her better judgement Rainy ends up in Vegas, a little to close to comfort.  But of course the past can't stay hidden.

An Honest Lie is a well written dark story, there is mystery, suspicious characters, secrets of the past and present.  I enjoyed Fisher's writing, her ability to draw me in and care about Rainy.  As usual I was drawn to the past storyline, it held my attention and I craved more where as the present day had too many characters I didn't really trust or even like.  But putting that aside, this was an entertaining read and also my first Tarryn Fisher book, look for it on April 26th.

My thanks to Graydon House for this print ARC.

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