Monday, April 25, 2022

Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely—and inconvenient—sources.

Kara Sullivan’s life is full of love—albeit fictional. As a bestselling romance novelist and influential bookstagrammer, she’s fine with getting her happily-ever-after fix between the covers of a book.

But right now? Not only is Kara’s best friend getting married next week—which means big wedding stress—but the deadline for her next novel is looming, and she hasn’t written a single word. The last thing she needs is for her infuriating first love, Ryan Thompson, to suddenly appear in the wedding party. But Ryan’s unexpected arrival sparks a creative awakening in Kara that inspires the steamy historical romance she desperately needs to deliver.

With her wedding duties intensifying, her deadline getting closer by the second and her bills not paying themselves, Kara knows there’s only one way for her to finish her book and to give her characters the ever-after they deserve. But can she embrace the unlikely, ruggedly handsome muse—who pushes every one of her buttons—to save the wedding, her career and, just maybe, write her own happy ending?

Paperback, 317 pages
Published May 25, 2021
 by Graydon House
4/5 stars

This was a fun read and came recommended via bookish bestie Laurie from @bakingbookworm fame.

I enjoy rom/coms, especially after reading some heavy duty thriller books.

While there might have been a few things that I wasn’t a fan of there was lots I enjoyed here. Kara is a romance author with some serious writers block, there is lots of bookish vibes to go along with her influencer status. Throw in an ex boyfriend and his sidekick, Duke a bulldog with a bathtub fetish - how can you not love that?

Maybe Ryan cures the writers block but what follows is lots of book talk, dog walks and secrets discovered.

This book took a twist I didn’t anticipate and a few things didn’t quite jive for me but all in all an entertaining read and perfect for the beach this summer.

Talk Bookish to Me is not just a book included in my 2022 Reading Off My Shelf Challenge but also follows my April bookish books theme.

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