Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Q & A with Carol M. Cram

Very happy to share this Q & A with author 

What is usually on your nightstand?

I have quite an eclectic selection of books on my nightstand including both fiction and non-fiction because I tend to have a few books on the go at once. At the moment, I’m surfing between Margaret Attwood’s The Year of the Flood, a non-fiction book about women in the Renaissance, Michael Palin’s new novel Truth, and a book called Wits, Wenchers and Wantons: London’s Low Life: Convent Garden in the Eighteenth Century. This last book is part of my research for my third novel called Upstaged that revolves around the world of the London theater in the early 19thCentury. In addition, I have my Kindle filled with novels—mostly historical novels these days with a sprinkling of contemporary “women’s fiction.”
Which authors have most influenced your writing?
Jane Austen wins hands down, although I wouldn’t say my writing is anything like hers (I wish!) However, the ironic way in which she looks at the world definitely informs my world view when I am writing. As far as other more contemporary authors, I don’t really have any names that spring to mind as influencers. I think I’m influenced by everything I write—every writer is! 
What do you think is your lead character’s best trait?
Isabette’s best trait is her kind and passionate heart. She is in many ways very innocent. She expects that people she loves will be as honest and generous of spirit as she is and is often disappointed. She cares deeply for music and experiences her greatest joy when playing and composing. I wanted to show her as gaining her strength and sense of self from being creative.
What is something your readers would be surprised to know about you?
I am passionate about sharing Nia, a movement-dance practice, with people who are looking for alternative ways to keep fit and feel good about their bodies and their lives. I teach a couple of Nia classes a week on Bowen Island. The practice emphasizes the Joy of Movement and is the physical manifestation of how I feel when my writing is really going well.
  Where is your favorite place to write?
I have a few favorite places! In the summer time, my favorite place to write is on the lower deck of our home on Bowen Island that overlooks my garden and pond. Most of the time, the only sounds are birds chirping. I love to look up from the computer screen to see hummingbirds and eagles flitting and swooping about. I also love to write in public places—the lovely little cafes on Bowen Island (shout outs to the Snug Café, Village Baker, and Artisan Eats!) and my favorite Starbucks in West Vancouver where I spend many productive hours when I leave the island to come down to “the continent.”

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