Thursday, January 2, 2020

Review: The Quality Street Girls (Quality Street #1) by Penny Thorpe

The perfect book for anyone who loves chocolate and Christmas A seasonal delight, inspired by the true story of the Quality Street factory. At sixteen years old, Irene ‘Reenie’ Calder is leaving school with little in the way of qualifications. She is delighted to land a seasonal job at Mackintosh’s Quality Street factory. Reenie feels like a kid let loose in a sweet shop, but trouble seems to follow her around and it isn’t long before she falls foul of the strict rules.

Diana Moore runs the Toffee Penny line and has worked hard to secure her position. Beautiful and smart, the other girls in the factory are in awe of her, but Diana has a dark secret which if exposed, could cost her not only her job at the factory but her reputation as well.

When a terrible accident puts supply of Quality Street at risk, Reenie has a chance to prove herself. The shops are full of Quality Street lovers who have saved up all year for their must-have Christmas treat. Reenie and Diana know that everything rests on them, if they are to give everyone a Christmas to remember…

Paperback, 401 pages
Published November 15th 2018
by HarperCollins

My first Christmas book surprised me with a 1936 Halifax setting, I love reading Canadian HF so that was a great sign right off the bat.

This was a sweet story (pun intended) about my favorite chocolates, I learned a lot about the assembly line and business practices of the time. But really the book is about 3 young women, each struggling with their own stories. Rather than go into detail about each of (see blurb above) let’s just say this is a story that revolves around secrets, ambition, and jealousy. How they aren’t just contained to the barer but there is the ripple effect it causes. Consequences for your actions.

The Quality Street Girls is a well researched and well-written book where friendship plays a big part and it’s one I recommend not just for the season but year-round.

This book was part of my 2019 reading off my shelf challenge

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  1. This sounds sweet (pun intended), thanks for sharing your thoughts.