Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Helen Thayer's Arctic Adventure: A Woman and a Dog Walk to the North Pole by Sally Isaacs, Iva Sasheva (Illustrations)

This picture book tells the thrilling story of a woman from New Zealand who walked alone from Canada all the way to the magnetic North Pole; well, alone except for Charlie, the best and most protective dog on the globe.

 Hardcover Published January 1st 2016 by Capstone Press
source: ebook via netgalley

Helen Thayer's Arctic Adventure is exactly what the title says.  What makes this book so special, not only is it based on a true story but the messages it conveys.  Helen is 50 years old when she started this trek.  At first wanting to be alone she was talked into taking a Canadian Inuit Husky with her, she named him Charlie.  This adventure was something that she took seriously and trained hard for.  She planned and prepared.  Enduring polar bears and the weather they stuck together and overcame what nature put in their path. They didn't give up but persevered.

The illustrations were wonderful, depicting the barren land with its snow and hollowing winds.  Very easy to feel the elements.  The colorful pages are what brings this book to life, I would recommend reading on a colored tablet or the print copy.

This story is direct and to the point, it is perfect for the targeted age (middle grade).  I loved its message - that no matter your age/gender you can follow you dreams, by working hard, planning and being prepared your can do anything.

Thank you to Netgalley for bringing this book to my attention,  the author herself has penned a more in depth story of this 'adventure' called Polar Dreams and sits nestled on my tbr pile.

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