Monday, January 27, 2014

The Queen's Lady by Barbara Kyle

Abducted as a child-heiress, Honor Larke escapes to London seeking justice from the only lawyer she knows: the brilliant Sir Thomas More. With More as her affectionate guardian, Honor grows to womanhood, when the glitter of the royal court lures her to attend Her Majesty, Queen Catherine of Aragon. But life at Henry VIII’s court holds more than artifice for an intelligent observer, and Honor knows how to watch—and when to act. . . .

Angered by the humiliation heaped upon her mistress as Henry cavorts with Anne Boleyn and presses Rome for a divorce, Honor volunteers to carry letters to the Queen’s allies. It’s a risky game, but Honor is sure she’s playing it well—until she’s proved wrong. Richard Thornleigh may cut a dashing figure at court, but Honor isn’t taken in by his reckless charm. Only later does Honor realize that Richard has awakened something within her—and that he, too, has something to hide. . .

For the King’s actions are merely one knot in a twisted web that stretches across Europe, ensnaring everyone from the lowliest of peasants to the most powerful of nobles. Swept away in a tide of intrigue and danger, the Queen’s lady is about to learn everything: about pride, passion, greed—and the conscience of the King. . . .

Paperback, 500 pages

Published December 1st 2009 by Brava (first published September 1st 1994) 

Here I sit and *sigh* as I type this review hanging my head, I can't believe that it has taken so long to read this book  The whole series has  been sitting on my shelf for a number of years.  
Why did I wait so long?  I am not sure if it was the cover that provoked a 'bodice ripping feel' 
or maybe I was thinking that I couldn't handle another Anne Boleyn story.  How mistaken I was!

I was thrilled to hear that this book was going to be made into an audiobook with the author
herself doing the reading.  Barbara Kyle did a wonderful job of reading this book, she brought
the story to life with her different accents and the right amount of emotion (not too much
and not too little).

The first book in the Thornleigh series (there are 5 of them at present), set during the reign
of Henry VIII during the time of his obsession with Anne Boleyn.  I mostly like to read 
about real historical figures (it is fun to be entertained at the same time as learning some
history). Though this book is based on real historical events, the theme here varied 
from Catherine of Aragon to the religious conflicts to Thomas More, Anne Boleyn and more. 
However, the two main protagonist are fictional and I wasn't sure what I would think of that. 
First introduced to Honor Lark when only 7 years old I was captivated. Thomas More 
becomes her guardian and so begins her story. Her journey was a pleasure to watch, it was 
written with feeling and showed the effect the time period had on the people of England under 
the rule of Henry VIII.  She grew into a woman of conviction who took too many risks for what
she believed in.  This book moved along at a steady pace and I had a hard time stopping, 
there was a lot going on,  mystery, intrigue, romance, conflicts and more.

The only reason that I did not jump right into the next book (The Queen's Daughter) was that 
I didn't have enough credits left at Audible.  Once I have that I will definetely continue with this

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  1. Margaret, I'm delighted that you enjoyed The Queen's Lady. Many thanks for your very kind words about the audiobook. I'm going to open a contest in a few days in which 5 winners will get a free audio book of their choice of the Thornleigh novels. Do enter! Details will be in my upcoming newsletter. If you - or any of your followers - would like to sign up to receive my newsletters just shoot me an email at bkyle(at)barbarakyle(dot)com. Thanks again!