Monday, January 31, 2022

A Very Perry Christmas by Marie Landry

Gwen's Christmas with the Perrys is turning into a holiday to remember...for all the wrong reasons.

Hot chocolate by the fire. Christmas carols. Stolen kisses in the snow. When Gwen's boyfriend Evan invites her to spend Christmas with his family, she pictures a perfect Hallmark holiday scene, complete with all the happy sighs and swoons.

But between Evan's brother who schedules the family’s every move, his sister who’s never met a mirror she didn’t like, and the amorous newlyweds who flaunt their sexcapades, Gwen finds herself dodging the Perrys like it's her job. The more Evan's family brings their own brand of chaos to Christmas, the more Gwen wonders if she's in over her head, and if the Christmas of her dreams is going to turn into a nightmare.

Paperback, 111 pages
Published November 16, 2020 
3.5/5 stars

This was a book causing a lot of buzz over on IG as was the sequel A Very Perry Wedding.  

It isn't a huge book, a quick read that wasn't exactly what I expected.  I kinda thought it would be more on the lines of a rom/com but rather it had drama and some over bearing characters.  That being said it was still a fun read as Gwen meets the family with all their quirks, however, one can feel the tension in the air.

A Very Perry Christmas is a story of dysfunctional siblings set in Ontario with the snow and Christmas tree farms.  The setting was quaint, one can almost hear the jingle bells. 

All in all a story with Hallmark Movie feel.

This book was part of my 2022 Reading Off My Shelf Challenge - #6.

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