Monday, October 14, 2019

Audio Review: The Scribe's Daughter by Stephanie Churchill

Kassia is a thief and a soon-to-be oath breaker. Armed with only a reckless wit and sheer bravado, seventeen-year-old Kassia barely scrapes out a life with her older sister in a back-alley of the market district of the Imperial city of Corium. When a stranger shows up at her market stall, offering her work for which she is utterly unqualified, Kassia cautiously takes him on. Very soon, however, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving a usurped foreign throne and a vengeful nobleman. Most intriguing of all, she discovers a connection with the disappearance of her father three years prior.

 When Kassia is forced to flee her home, suffering extreme hardship, danger and personal trauma along the way, she feels powerless to control what happens around her. Rewarding revelations concerning the mysteries of her family’s past are tempered by the reality of a future she doesn’t want. In the end, Kassia discovers an unyielding inner strength, and that contrary to her prior beliefs, she is not defined by external things -- she discovers that she is worthy to be loved.

 Paperback, 423 pages
 Published September 4th, 2015
 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Audiobook, 11 hours 41 minutes

The Scribe's Daughter at times reads like historical fiction but is actually a fictional world with that medieval feel.

This was an intriguing story with a likable heroine, Kassia. She is gutsy, caring and has drive. It wasn’t hard to feel her protection for her sister and drive to survive in an unfriendly world. Coming in at 423 pages there is plenty of room for the depth I love and the development of characters. The Scribe's Daughter is a gritty story with plenty of action, secrets, twists, and turns that kept me on my toes.

This was an audio read for me with Leonor A Woodworth reading it, my first experience with her and she added that extra spark making this an enjoyable listen - I would have liked The Scribe’s Daughter with either format.

I’m not sure if this is officially branded as YA but I think fans and nonfans of YA will enjoy this one.

There is a sequel to this book, which I will not mention (spoiler alert would be necessary), it’s already been added to my TBR list and available for purchase.

My thanks to the author for supplying me with this audiobook (via Audible) in exchange for honest review.

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