Monday, May 27, 2013

Perdia by Hilary Scharper (Giveaway - Int'l)

Will love let her go?

After a love affair that ends in tragedy, Garth Hellyer throws himself into his work for the Longevity Project, interviewing the oldest living people on the planet. But nothing has prepared him for Marged Brice, who claims to be a stunningly youthful 134. Marged says she wants to die, but can’t, held back by the presence of someone she calls Perdita.

Garth, despite his skepticism, is intrigued by Marged’s story, and agrees to read “her” journals of life in the late 1890s. Soon he’s enthralled by Marged’s story of love, loss, and myth in the tempestuous wilderness of the Bruce Peninsula. He enlists the help of his childhood friend Clare to help him make sense of the mystery.

As Garth and Clare unravel the truth of Marged and Perdita, they discover together just what love can mean when it never dies.

I am always on the lookout for historical fiction that takes place in Canada, unless I am not looking in the right place, they are hard to find.  During a browse through Chapters I discovered this gem.  Not only in Canada, but Ontario on Georgian Bay near Tobermory (I've actual been there!)

This is Hilary Scharper's debut and a beauty it is. 

Perdita is made up of so many elements, mixing mystery, the supernatural, historical fiction, romance, nautical disaster and even some Greek mythology all together in one neat package. And you know what?  It all works! The majority of the story is the reading of Marged's diary, with a style that reflected the time period, very poetic and smooth.  (it was easy to lose track of time while reading it).  Definitety a change in tone with the current day periods.

I want to share this book with others, so I am offering a free copy, open to anywhere The Book Depository ships. (or if you want an ebook, that can be arranged too).

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  1. One of favorite debut books is The Help
    by Kathryn Stockett

  2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon!

  3. My all time favorite is also Outlander, these books got me hooked to Scottish romances! thanks for the giveaway! I would love to read and review this book!