Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan (audio)

The Wheel weaves as the wheel wills

This is the series that my sons talked me into reading. This is book 3 out of 12 with the 13th and final one due out in Nov 2011. If I listen to one book a month can I be done when the final book comes out? Good question, I have my doubts. A couple of these books are so long that I do need a little break between them.

Jordan continues his Wheel of Time saga (after The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt ). Three thousand years ago the Dragon led the male mages of the world into entrapping the Dark One, but the cost was high: all male mages, then and thereafter, were driven mad. Now the Dark One is breaking free, and the only salvation may come through Rand al'Thor who may be a reincarnation of the Dragon and who must obtain the sword Callandor, held in the city of Tear. All of Rand's companions from the previous books find themselves, willing or not, moving toward Tear for a confrontation with evil traps. Jordan's fast and absorbing adventure novel will keep the reader too entranced to worry about plot inconsistencies, numerous coincidences, lack of character development and Rand's inexplicably infrequent appearances. As light fantasy, however, it proves an enjoyable diversion.

I love listening to this series, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer do an awesome job. Since there are so many characters in this book it is nice to have a female voice for the girls and male voice for the guys. There is just enough emotion there but not too much.

The story, of course continues in Robert Jordan style. Full of mystery, intrigue and suspense. I find myself really having to pay attention as the story continues with Rand having to accept that he is infact the Dragon Reborn and must claim that title. He doesn't like it one little bit, but thems the breaks. Robert Jordan originally planned only 3 books in this series. There has been so many subplots woven in that one must really be focused. I am lucky that 2 of my sons are walking encyclopedias of Wheel of Time and love to talk about it.

This book is not added to Where Are You Reading? since it really isn't on my map :)

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