Friday, March 12, 2010

Class Pet - Battle in a Bottle by Frank Asch

Class Pet - Battle in a Bottle by Frank Asch
is geared for the young reader. I picked this up at a library sale, I honestly don't think anyone has read it. It is in brand new condition. So for 75 cents I took it home.

I loved the cover, which is main reason why I bought it, poor little mouse stuck in a bottle with big, ugly cat watching and ready for dinner.

It''s late at night and Big Gray, the monster cat, is on the prowl. Brother and sister mice, Molly and Jake, are safe inside the walls of P.S. 42, building their nests. Jake should have listened to Molly''s advice and stayed inside. But he wants nothing to do with school, class pets, or even kids. While Molly is learning the secret art of X-ray vision from Gino, Jake is getting into trouble on the playground in another tangle with Big Gray. The only place he can find to hide is inside a ketchup bottle...and that''s when the battle begins!

It only took an hour or so to read. It didn't flow like I would have liked, I found it a but choppy in places. From the beginning Jake has an attitude that he doesn't hide, he doesn't like anyone telling him what to do and makes that very clear. He is not a team player and wants to do what everyone else is NOT doing and that he how he landed himself in trouble (inside a ketchup bottle).

All in all not a bad book, I think it will appeal to kids with class pets. Though looking online appears to be a hard to find book, only available used.

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