Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue Heaven by C.J. Box

Blue Heaven by CJ Box
This is the first murder/mystery that I have read in a while. I read another book blog that gave it rave reviews (sorry I can't remember which one it was).

A twelve-year-old girl and her younger brother go on the run in the woods of North Idaho, pursued by four men they have just watched commit murder---four men who know exactly who William and Annie are, and who know exactly where their desperate mother is waiting for news of her children''s fate.

I did put it down a couple times till the story started to develop more, once it got going I enjoyed it. There was the mystery and suspense in there. The girl, Annie, I felt was well developed, it was like I knew her and felt for her. Some parts of the story were predictable, but the ending was different then I expected.

I liked the book, am glad that I read it and would give it 3.5/5

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