Monday, June 10, 2024

The Haters by Robyn Harding

The bestselling author of The Party and The Drowning Woman returns with a twisted tale of fame, obsession, and the dark recesses of social media.

Camryn Lane is living her dream. After years of struggle and rejection, her first novel has finally been published. Her editor is happy; her teenage daughter is proud; and her boyfriend and friends are all excited for her. She’s on top of the world—until she receives a disturbing message from an unknown sender.

Rattled by the accusations she finds there, Camryn swallows the sick feeling in her stomach and resolves to put the missive out of her mind. But when she checks her ratings on a popular book site, she finds a scathing one-star review. The reviewer is so articulate and convincing that soon, Camryn’s book is flooded with bad reviews. Could the reviewer be the same person who sent the ugly email? And why do they want to ruin her?

As the online harassment creeps into Camryn’s personal life, she vows to find out who’s behind it. Is it really a disgruntled reader? Or could it be someone she knows? The troll’s actions are escalating, and when the abuse turns deadly, it will take everything Camryn has to unmask the enemy so intent on destroying her—and finally learn why she's being targeted.

Kindle Edition, 352 pages
Expected publication July 2, 2024
 by Grand Central Publishing
4/5 stars

Author Robin Harding has yet again written another captivating read that kept me glued to the pages.

For any aspiring writer, Camryn,  this would be your dream come true after years of rejection. Her first novel is finally published and what is supposed to be a celebration turns ugly and personal. Who is this mystery reviewer leaving bad reviews that quickly escalates into something personal. For Camryn her emotions get the better of her, doing things out of character.

I enjoyed this book, though I had my suspicions, they would get blocked with the twists that came within the pages. As a devoted guidance couselor Camryn struggles with the accusations. Going through a messy divorce, could it be the ex husband, jealous teachers or friends, students?  A quick read with shortish chapters.

I finished this in a day and half. Look for it on shelf’s in a months time.

My thanks to Grand Central Publishing for a digital arc in exchange for a honest review.

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