Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Don't Ask, Don't Follow by Mary Keliikoa

Murder, dark family secrets, and the unwavering bond of sisterhood— regardless of the cost

Beth Ralston, a paralegal in Portland, Oregon, would rather be racking up billable hours than mingling at an office party— especially when her sister Lindsay, aka her plus one, is a no-show.

After making her obligatory rounds, Beth returns to her office to find that her boss, who she'd talked with moments before, has been murdered. She sees a woman fleeing the scene. Wait— was that Lindsay? Unable to catch up to her in time, Beth waits for the police to arrive and notices that Lindsay has left her phone behind with an unsent text message to Beth displayed on the screen: “ Don't ask. Don't follow.”

Lindsay is unreachable for days, and when Beth starts to come under suspicion for the crime, she decides that waiting is impossible. While retracing Lindsay's steps, determined to bring her home, Beth uncovers what her sister, an investigative reporter bent on changing the world, was trying to expose— corruption, secrets, and betrayal on an unimaginable level. Revealing the truth might bring back the one person she's desperate to find— but it could also destroy the only life and family Beth's ever known.

Kindle, 353 pages
Expected publication June 4, 2024
by Oceanview Publishing
4/5 stars

This is my first book by Mary Keliikoa, it grabbed my attention right away.

For Beth, a party at her family’s law firm ends in death and a cryptic message from her sister, Lindsey.  Basically, Don’t Ask Don’t Follow as she is seen fleeing the scene of the crime. Does Beth follow those instructions, of course not .

What follows is 350 pages of Beth trying to figure out why her boss was killed, why she’s being followed, what her sister is up to, along with secrets of the past that are about to be revealed. And should those secrets even be revealed at all

I really enjoyed this book. I found Beth to be likeable with her devotion to her sister. I found myself frustrated at times with her parents and other things that went on. It was your classic case of not knowing who to trust, believe and quietly whispering to my Kindle for Beth not to do some of the things she does

Don’t Ask Don't Follow is a story of family secrets and following your gut instinct. Like I said a new author for me and one I will definitely be taking another look at.

My thanks to Oceanview Publishing (via Netgalley) for a digital arc in exchange for an honest review.

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