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The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater by Jaime Jo Wright

Barlowe Theater stole the life of Greta Mercy's brother during its construction. Now in 1915, the completed theater appears every bit as deadly. When Greta's younger brother goes missing after breaking into the building, Greta engages the assistance of a local police officer to help her uncover the already ghostly secrets of the theater. But when help comes from an unlikely source, Greta decides that to save her family she must put the threat of the phantoms to rest.

Decades later, Kit Boyd's best friend vanishes during a ghost walk at the Barlowe Theater, and old stories of mysterious disappearances and ghoulish happenings are revived. When television ghost-hunting host and skeptic Evan Fisher engages Kit in the quest to identify the truth behind the theater's history, Kit reluctantly agrees to work with him in hopes of also finding out what happened to her friend. As the theater's curse begins to unravel Kit's own life, she sets out not only to save the historical building and her friend, but to end the pattern of evil that has marked their hometown for a century.

In this atmospheric dual-time tale, two women--separated by a century yet bound by the ghosts of the past--pursue light in the face of darkness.

Paperback, 352 pages
Published October 10, 2023 
by Bethany House Publishers
4/5 stars

Jaime Jo Wright is one of my go to authors (yea I know I do have a lot of them).  Known for dual time period stories loosely based on history she has once again delivered a mysterious suspenseful read.

Beginning in 1915 with strange happenings taking place in the Barlowe Theater and ultimately the disappearance of 3 boys.  Fast forward to present day where it feels like history is repeating itself.

This book had everything I love, the gothic vibe, authentic characters and a well written multi layered story.  Known for including themes relevant to most Wright always delivers a strong message in her books.

The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater is a story of family, friendships and trust.  It is Christian fiction at it's finest.

My thanks to Graf-Martin Communication for a print copy in exchange for a honest review.

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