Thursday, November 23, 2023

The Porcelain Maker by Sarah Freethy

Two lovers caught at the crossroads of history.
A daughter's search for the truth.

Germany, 1929: Under the dazzling lights of Berlin, two people are drawn together: Max, a Jewish architect, and Bettina, a beautiful and celebrated German avant-garde artist. But their bright beginning is soon dimmed by the rising threat of Nazism. In time, Max is arrested and sent to the concentration camp at Dachau where only his talent at making exquisite porcelain figures stands between him and death. Everything Bettina has done up until now has been meticulously planned to try to save Max. She would rather die than live another moment without him—but can one moment last a lifetime?

America, 1993. Bettina’s daughter Clara embarks on a journey to trace her roots and discover the identity of her father, a secret her mother has kept from her for reasons she’s never understood. As Clara starts piecing the puzzle together, we are transported back in time, where life is lived on a razor’s edge, and deception and death lurk around every corner.

Kindle Edition, 416 pages
Expected publication November 7, 2023
by St. Martin's Press
Audiobook, 11 hours 12 minutes
by Macmillain Audio
4/5 stars

The Porcelain Maker is a dual time period story that revolves around an unknown part of WW2 history that was new for this reader.  I was lucky to get both the digital arc in audio and kindle format - I love being a hybrid reader.  Both worked nicely, the reader for the audio was stellar bringing this story to life.

The past story begins in 1929 giving the history of Bertie and Max's relationship and what transpired until they meet again in Dachau concentrate camp.  In Dachau there is a porcelain factory where this  story gets its inspiration.

Jump ahead to 1993 as Bertie's daughter seeks to trace her roots and find out who her father really is.

The Porcelain Marker is an intriguing story that was well written, mysterious and heart breaking, given the time period how could it be anything but.  Definitely a good fit for those HF readers who like something different.

I love the author notes, I miss them especially in a story like this.  It would have been great to know the author's inspiration and what was fact vs fiction.

My thanks to St. Martin's Press and Macmillain Audio for advanced copies in exchange for a honest review.

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