Saturday, October 14, 2023

Sleeping Dogs Lie by Samantha Downing

From the internationally best-selling author of My Lovely Wife and He Started It comes a twisted, entertaining novella about a dog walker swept into a criminal investigation when her client winds up dead.

Shelby works as a dog walker in Northern California, and she’s just finished up her biweekly trip to the park with a husky named Pluto. When she brings him back to his house, she finds his owner—Todd Burke, a well-known local businessman and founder of an organic supplements company—dead on the bathroom floor. As a detective interviews Shelby, a medical examiner inspects the body, and more cops search Todd’s home, it becomes clear that the victim’s life was less picture-perfect than his clean-cut persona might lead you to believe.

Kobo Edition
Published March 15, 2022
 by Berkley
4/5 stars

This is a novella written by one of my favourite authors, Samantha Downing.  For awhile it was only available on Audible, but recently it is available for download on kindle/kobo. What I love about Samantha Downing is that she doesn’t shy away from unique stories with twists, a bit of comedy and of course, always mayhem.

Sleeping Dogs Lie is the story of dogwalker Shelby who discovers a body after taking Pluto, a husky for his walk. Along with Shelby is a detective who is trying to solve this case.

This was a fun, well written, and addicting read. I was caught up in the criminal investigation myself and love the direction this story took. It was comical at times, deceptive and kept me on my toes. The ending...ya that was good.

The audio book comes in just over two hours. Well worth the listen or read

My digital copy was obtained through CloudLibrary

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