Sunday, May 14, 2023

Good Intentions Collection #4 The Road Home by Kristin Harmel

A mother makes a heartbreaking choice in this unforgettable story about devotion and sacrifice in World War II–era France by the New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Lost Names . 

Marie Vachon experiences firsthand the devastation of the German invasion when she takes in a Jewish refugee named Josiane. A loving, if temporary, home for the displaced child. A second chance at motherhood for Marie. After three years, an inseparable bond is created. It’s one that leads Marie and Josiane to an inevitable but surprising reckoning that calls into question what motherhood means—and where it ends. Kristin Harmel’s The Road Home is part of Good Intentions , a riveting collection of stories about the instincts, fears, and fierce love inherent in motherhood from award-winning, bestselling authors. Read or listen to each in a single sitting.

Kindle Edition, 42 pages
Published April 27, 2023
 by Amazon Original Stories
4.5/5 stars

The Road Home is a short story that is part of the Good Intentions Collection (#4). I don’t believe these need to be read in order. I’m not usually a short story fan, but lately I have been. 

This is the story of Marie Vachon during World War II in France. Three years ago she took in a homeless two year old girl. A Jewish girl whose mother was taken by the Germans.  The bond between these two is extremely strong. But the war has ended and the child’s mother has survived and wants her daughter.

What follows is an emotional story about a mom, who was given a second chance of motherhood.  You see years ago her son was killed in the early parts of the war.

The Road Home is a well written story about motherhood, grief and second chances.  It is available on Kindle Unlimited.  I plan on continuing with these stories, to date there are 7 stories from different authors in different time periods and locations.  Am I a fan of the covers?  Not really, it was the author that drew my attention.

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