Thursday, October 21, 2021

Getaway by Zoje Stage

A cinematic and terrifying new novel from "the master of the psychological thriller" and the bestselling author of Baby Teeth and Wonderland, about three friends who hike into the wilds of the Grand Canyon—only to find it’s not so easy to leave the world behind (Entertainment Weekly).

It was supposed to be the perfect week away . . .

Imogen and Beck, two sisters who couldn't be more different, have been friends with Tilda since high school. Once inseparable, over two decades the women have grown apart. But after Imogen survives a traumatic attack, Beck suggests they all reunite to hike deep into the Grand Canyon’s backcountry. A week away, secluded in nature . . . surely it’s just what they need.

But as the terrain grows tougher, tensions from their shared past bubble up. And when supplies begin to disappear, it becomes clear secrets aren’t the only thing they’re being stalked by. As friendship and survival collide with an unspeakable evil, Getaway becomes another riveting thriller from a growing master of suspense and “a literary horror writer on the rise” (BookPage).

352 pages, Hardcover
Published August 17, 2021
by Mulholland Books
3.5/5 stars

This is another book that grabbed my attention on Instagram.  I love hiking and the thought of going off with a couple friends for some away time, hiking the Grand Canyon sounded awesome.

Of course, things don't go according to plan for Beck, Imogen and Tilda.  Sisters and friend who have grown apart and are together for the first time in years. The first part of the book  included a lot of hiking lingo that might have been interesting for those with no knowledge of the outdoors and all the gear that comes with it.  For me I felt it took some of the story away.

While I didn't feel an emotional connection to these women I was intrigued as to the outcome, how were they going to get out of this mess.  The author painted a vivid picture of the elements and has me wanting to dawn my hiking shoes again.

This book was obtained from my local public library.

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