Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review and giveaway: Betrayal by Michele Kallio

Lydia Hamilton was a modern woman, happily in love and living in Canada until the nightmares started. Following the death of her father, Lydia begins dreaming of places and people she doesn't know. When she closes her eyes, she sees a bloodied, severed head. The images are confusing and unclear, but she knows one thing for sure: something bad happened a long time ago. And why only now have the dreams begun? Events propel Lydia to Devon, England, to the home of the mother she never knew, where the lies of her family's past begin to reveal themselves dating back to the sixteenth century and a woman called Elisabeth Beeton, a servant at the Court of King Henry VIII. Caught amid forces she can neither control nor understand Elisabeth's life was in danger.

How is Lydia's modern life related to the life of this tragic woman from the past? Without the guidance of her father, it s hard to say, but Lydia is dedicated to solving the mystery in an effort to put an end to her night terrors and save her relationship with the man she loves. But will the truth set her free, or will the realization of her family's past actions haunt her like the ghost of a woman betrayed?

Paperback, 496 pages
Published June 14th 2011 by
I was given a copy from the author for my honest review.
This is Michele Kallio's debut, and I won't say how much I love debuts, but I do.  Also I love the cover, it has that mysterious feel with the castle in the background and a mystery package all bundled up.

Betrayal is historical, it's mysterious with the supernatural mixed in, along with romance.  But it isn't overboard in the romance department in a way that usually turns me off. 

A fast paced story that switches between present day Canada and 16th century England, in the court of Henry VIII.  I found the the story rather interesting, the relationship between Elisabeth Beeton and the Boleyn's was unique. There was a different approach to how the Boleyn's were portrayed, in a way that I have not run across before (hum, how do I say more without giving spoilers?). They were shown with feelings and compassion that I haven't really seen a lot of before (and believe me I have read a lot of books about the Boleyn's). Well, of course, except for Jane. 

Though the idea of reincarnation and dreams are not something new but in this book as the story developed I found it had unique twists.  Many times as the two story lines played out and I was trying to figure things out,  I would think that I had it and then another twist would come along.

I had a little trouble connecting with Dan and even Alan (in present time), they sometimes jumped from one emotion to another and it was annoying at times.  Dan (Lydia's love) just wanted to help her, but it seemed once he got help, that he didn't want itanymore and back and forth it went, which was confusing at times.  But then it could have been the authors intent to portray him that way, if so she did a good job.

All in all I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the lookout for her next book.

The author, Michele F. Kallio is offering a Kindle edition of this book to one lucky reader.  Open internationally, ends Oct 17 at midnight.


  1. I love books that take place in two time periods and unraveling how the characters from the present and past are interconncected. This sounds like a wonderful story. I have added it to my TBR list.

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