Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

It's 1996, and Josh and Emma have been neighbors their whole lives. They've been best friends almost as long - at least, up until last November, when Josh did something that changed everything. Things have been weird between them ever since, but when Josh's family gets a free AOL CD in the mail,his mom makes him bring it over so that Emma can install it on her new computer. When they sign on, they're automatically logged onto their Facebook pages. But Facebook hasn't been invented yet. And they're looking at themselves fifteen years in the future. 
By refreshing their pages, they learn that making different decisions now will affect the outcome of their lives later. And as they grapple with the ups and downs of what their futures hold, they're forced to confront what they're doing right - and wrong - in the present.

Jay Asher wrote 13 Reasons Why, which I LOVED, read it in a day.  Having read some reviews for this book I had mixed feelings going into it.  It was a spur of the moment purchase (and my last for 2011).  Reading the backcover I thought what an original story line, imagine being able to peek at Facebook 15 years in the future, what fun that could be, though I suppose it could be depressing too.

It didn't take long to read, I kept wanted to read just to see what was going to happen.   The book is divided into chapters from the POV of either Emma or Josh which made it quite interesting.  Parts of the story were predictable (why Emma and Josh had a falling out),  parts of it were thought provoking , how the simplest act or thought ripples through time and changes the future.

A very interesting read, I would give it 4 stars and will once I figure out how to add the star ratings to this blog.


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