Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A sweet haul :)

Today I went for a little visit to my favorite used book store. As you can
see it is basically an old house. Now we often refer to it as the fire

hazard store. Every room is filled with books, they are piled on tables, piles in boxes on top of piles. Its the kind of store you keep your arms in when walking as just the slightest touch could send books raining on you. The nifty part also is that it is 2 storeys high, twice the fun.

What made today so special is that everything is half price. I asked about a particle book and it was scary, but the gal knew exactly where I would find it (if they had it, but they didn't).
But that's fine because I came away with 2 little treasures. One I started to read there, but alas no chair to be found.

Joan if Arc by M D Holmes (published 1930) - its similar to this one, but I am keeping mine.

But that is not the end of my book buying adventures this week. There is also The Book Depot, some of you might know it as
They have a scratch and dent section, everything a couple bucks.

My little puppy, Spencer, was helping me.

One of the hazards of good deals is coming home with something you already have.

The Queen's Sorrow by Suzannah Dunn is a duplicate for me. Anyone want it?

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