Monday, January 10, 2011

You Got Trouble...this kind of trouble is lots of fun!!

I am lucky in the fact that I live near The Book Depot, also known as A couple times a year they have the box sale, stuff a huge book for just $29.95, some of the books are damaged, have remainder marks but are still in need of love. After Christmas this year everything was 50% off, a great deal when the hardcovers are no more than $10 and the softcovers (not mass paperback) are less. Add to that a trip to the US, before leaving a scouted out the bargain books, placed an order and had that delivered to Barnes & Noble for pickup. Then a trip to a couple other stores and stumbled across more deals.

So here is 2 weeks worth of damage. I have a tbr pile, actually more than one pile, so I really didn't need any more books. But really wants a reader to do??


  1. That is a fantastic haul!:) Have fun reading!

  2. I was looking at city of ashes. Looked fun. Read it yet?

  3. No haven't read it yet, but I plan to soon. What are you reading these days?

  4. What great stacks!! I am super jealous!