Friday, December 17, 2010

I tried, I really did...

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

I have had this book on my shelf for so long (years). I purchased it during my 'quilt fiction' phase. Once I joined the Off The Shelf Challenge this was the first book that came to mind. I figured that I would start to read this book now and would be finished it in 2011 (is that legal in the challenge world?). Well I gave it 100 pages, I tried, I really wanted to enjoy this book...but there is no way that I can continue for another 500 or 600 hundred pages.


  1. Argh!! Tell us why?! The cover makes it look kinda bland, but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover. The basically say, don't I guess haha. But it seems like I can totally judge this book by its cover!

  2. Stopping by from the Newbie Blog Hop! I love meeting new people, so please swing on by and visit me at the Primer when you get a chance.

    What was it about Alias Grace that made it a bad read? I've always heard great things about Margaret Atwood. I've never had the pleasure or displeasure (in this case) of reading any of her work.

  3. Thank you both for commenting. I am now a follower of both.
    I was so excited to read this book, it has been in my pile for years. It started out great, a cool poem that just grabbed me. But as continued it just felt flat. I really hate to stop reading a book, I feel guilty for some reason doing that. I might keep it around and maybe try again later.

  4. Ha! I feel weird if I don't finish a book as well. But, I'm getting over it. There are so many other book to read out there.

  5. Wow I'm sorry you didn't like the book much. What made you decide to stop reading it?

    And thanks for dropping by my blog, and yeah, I can't wait to read Still Alice and The Underneath. Newest follower here, by the way!

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  6. I love Margaret Atwood, but I haven't read this one...are there other Margaret Atwood books that you like?