Monday, April 4, 2011

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

As the spaceship Godspeed travels toward a new earth, the lives of 100 cryogenically frozen settlers hang in the balance after someone endeavors to quietly murder them. The other passengers aboard the ship have never known life outside its walls and are enslaved by the machinations of Eldest, their tyrannical leader, who divides them into three distinct classes. When Amy, a frozen settler from earth, survives being thawed in a murder attempt, she immediately bonds with Elder, Godspeed's lone teen and future leader. Amy’s individuality, her rebellion, and her fierce desire for freedom, inspire Elder to act on his own doubts and defy Eldest--his mentor and keeper--with shocking results. Eldest’s methods of twisting history and altering the lives of this captive community are a frightening echo of tyrants in our own history, and Across the Universe challenges readers to consider the impact of unchecked power, blind trust, and the ability of one dissenting voice to make a difference.

I am not into science fiction at all, fantasy is still new to me, but science fiction holds no appeal at all. So needless to say this book was not on my list of YA Debut books. But while browsing at the library it started calling my name. What is a reader to do when a book starts calling to you? So home it came (not by itself mind you, had to bring some fiends with it too).

So I read and read and read some more, and I have to say I quite enjoyed this book. Took only 4 days and I am done. The first chapters grabbed me and it didn't let go. I felt Amy's emotion at watching her mother frozen, the decision she had to make and then when she was awoken 50 years too soon.

I loved how the ship worked and the twists that happened. I even liked the ending. Will definitely read more by this author.


  1. I read a lot of SF and fantasy - so it's fun to read a review by someone who isn't so absorbed in the genre, as I usually get recommendations from my equally-obsessed friends! I will definitely check this out :)

  2. I'm not a big fan of SF, but I really enjoyed this one!