Saturday, October 30, 2021

A Warrior's Heart by Misty M. Beller

Brielle Durand is a key defender and hunter for her people's peace-loving French settlement in the Canadian mountains. When a foreigner wanders too near to their secret homes, she has no choice but to disarm and capture him. She won't allow another massacre like the one that killed her mother a dozen years before. But now, what to do with this man who looks at her in a strange way?

Evan MacManus was on assignment to find among the caves the mineral pitchblende that might help America win the War of 1812. Despite being taken prisoner, Evan is determined to complete his mission. But when that assignment becomes at odds with his growing appreciation of the villagers and Brielle, does he follow through on the promise he's made to his government or take a risk on the path his heart tells him is right? Either choice will spell death for someone.

Paperback, 320 pages, Paperback
August 31, 2021
 by Bethany House Publishers
3.5/5 stars

Misty M. Beller is a new to me author, which is the reason I jumped at the chance to review this book.  Also with a Canadian setting in the mountains just made it all the more enticing.

I loved the idea of a settlement hidden in the mountains away from the world. I wasn't sure what to expect but with the opening scene I envisioned an action paced story.  While there was action, suspicion and betrayal this a slow paced story about 2 individuals with past hurts making it difficult to trust.

A Warrior's Heart is the first book in the Brides of Laurent Series (how many books I am not sure). This is more a story of relationships verse action, though that could change as the series progresses.  I usually find the first book sets the stage for what comes next.  I loved the setting, the characters and how this group of people overcame to protect themselves and establish a community.

How much is based on fact remains to be seen, I would have loved some author notes at the end to give more information.  All in all a nice story and a series will be continue to read - no release date yet for book 2.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc."

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